Savage Storage Uprights

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  • Sold as single units. Purchase 2 to make a full storage rack.
Sold as single units. Purchase 2 to make a full storage rack.
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Customer Reviews

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Carl Nyberg
Phenomenal Storage Rack at Half the Price!

Bought this rack in April 2024. Absolutely phenomenal!!!! Never ordered from Fray Fitness so I was nervous with a new company. I have mostly been partial to Rogue. No worries based on this purchase.
Bought two 91” storage rack uprights (2 to make the rack required as specified), 2 DB rack shelves, 3 KB rack shelves (70” wide).
Arrived in less than 1 week. No issues with shipping and no damage. I put it together myself but I would recommend 2 people; it was tough alone.
Final complete storage rack is amazing! It is large, sturdy and an organization dream for home gyms. No worries if my son climbs on it, as it is not going anywhere or tipping over (concerns I had with my previous Lowes Gladiator shelve system). Welds look solid on the shelves. I store 5-50lb DB in increments of 5 and one 60lb of pairs of DBs. I have medicine balls on the KB shelves no problem. I am also able to store up to 88lbs pairs of KBs (see picture) and more. One thing I added was Rogue KB rubber shelve liners. They fit well. I did not see any liners from Fray.
Overall amazing storage rack! Coops review from garage gym reviews seem to be pretty spot on; I used this in the decision making process. The price point compared to other companies is much more reasonable, especially for storage. I would recommend this product for a heavy duty, top tier, gym storage system!