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The Fray Fitness EZ Curl Bar is an essential piece to any home or commercial gym for building strength, size, and definition to your arms.

Unlike a straight bar, the Fray Fitness EZ Curl Bar is biomechanically designed to provide the best fit whether you are a professional bodybuilder or a weekend warrior. The bends in the bar allow for alternating grip to easily change the intensity of your movements by altering your hand positions.

The passive knurling on each end allows the user to keep a firm grip during any point in their workout. An unloaded weight of 18lbs makes it perfect for the beginner with a massive 300lb capacity that allows room for years of growth. The Fray Fitness EZ Curl Bar has industry standard 2" diameter sleeves to fit Olympic plates and is coated with a durable chrome plated finish that will resist corrosion over time. Inside are nylon bushings that keep the sleeves spinning smoothing without the need for an aggressive maintenance schedule. If you are looking to improve your biceps, triceps, and forearms, this is the bar for you. 


  • Total Length – 47.5" 
  • Inside Sleeve Dimension - 31.50" 
  • Sleeve Dimension – 7.125" 
  • Shaft Diameter - 25mm 
  • Sleeve Diameter - 2" 

Additional Specifications 

  • Total Weight - 20lbs
  • Total Weight Capacity - 300lbs 
  • Material - Chrome Plated Iron 


Wipe sweat, chalk, and other debris off with organic cleaner.  Apply light coat of 3-in-1 oil once bar is free of contaminants.

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